Variable Acoustics (patent pending)

The new Perdue Acoustics' Variable Acoustics invention maximizes every aspect of acoustics - transforming performance venues from spatulated reflection, to diffusion, to maximizing its absorption abilities in every way. The result is manufactured units that can transform rooms from long reverb times without apparent echo, to rooms so tight that the loudest, punchiest performances come across crystal clear.

The world's first rolling reverberation chamber is an experience like no other in acoustics, and proves, not only the value of Variable Acoustics, but the value of acoustics itself.

Amazing A+ rating when fully opened

At Perdue Acoustics we want you to know exactly what you are getting and how it will help improve the sound quality and intelligibility of your room/building. That is why we provide you with complete specifications for all our products. Please feel free to download the PDF versions for any or all of our products in the below links. If you don't have Adobe Reader you can download it for free here.

Variable Acoustics Info/Cut Sheet

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